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Bespoke Audio Company Silver TVC Pre-Amplifier

Bespoke Audio Company Silver TVC Pre-Amplifier

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*Bespoke Audio Company items are made to order, build time is normally in the region of about 6 weeks*

Please note the prices shown are a guide only, please contact us with your desired specification and we can provide an accurate cost.

For details about the design concept of this pre amplifier, and more information about the company please see the description of the Copper version of this pre amplifier.

I've eulogised about the Copper wired version, and I stand by what I've said, it's a truly ground breaking product. 

However this version, which uses pure silver wiring throughout, both inside the transformers and out moves the game on even further!

If you've experienced what good silver conductors can do over good copper then what I'm about to say will be very familiar - there's a slightly thick and leaden presentation to copper, comparatively silver seems to impart much less character. 

There’s a delicacy, air, speed, and tonal correctness that it has that makes it worth every penny over the copper version if you can run to it - it really is one of those products that you shouldn’t audition if it’s over budget, for you will forever know what you’re missing out on. 

Yet in isolation, you would never criticise the copper version for these failings, as it already excels here anyway, but it just goes to show what is possible when a product is taken to extremes.

Technical Specifications
​Wiring: Silver
Max Stereo Inputs - Six (RCA or XLR as specified)
Max Stereo Outputs - Two (RCA or XLR as specified
Auxiliary Input/Output - One
46 discrete steps over a 67.5dB range in 1.5dB increments
Remote control of volume level

Height - 110mm (4 1/2”)
Width - 305mm (12”)
Depth - 345mm (13 1/2”)
Weight - 14kg (31lbs)

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