We are very proud of our repair facility. We can cope with practically everything hi-fi related, from the smallest repair through to the largest restoration or upgrade imaginable.

We don't rely on external contractors for our repair work, it is all done in store by our full time engineer who has many years of experience, meaning that we can guarantee a very high standard of repair and prompt turnarounds (parts permitting). We feel our pricing is extremely reasonable, and where possible we quote before proceeding with work.

Our experience with hi-end equipment means we understand the implications of parts quality, and we will always use parts of a minimum equivalent quality and will advise if a higher specification replacements would reduce the chances of the problem recurring, and we can also advise if uprating to better sounding parts would be beneficial.

What we Repair

We can service and repair practically any quality hifi item (parts permitting), from CD players through to speakers. This is just a brief  list of the better known brands we have repaired:

Arcam, Audio Innovations, Audio Note, Audion, Audiolab, Audio Research, B&W, Cambridge Audio, CEC, Classe, Creek, Croft*, Conrad Johnson, Concordant, Consonance, Copland, Cyrus, Denon, Exposure, Garrard, Goldring Lenco, Jadis, Jeff Rowland, KEF, Krell, Kondo, Leben, Leak, Linn, Marantz, Mark Levinson, Michell Engineering, Micro Seiki, Micromega, Mission, Mordaunt Short, Musical Fidelity, Naim, Nakamichi, Prima Luna, Primare, Pioneer, Pro-Ject, Rega, Revox, Roksan, Rose Industries, Rotel, Shindo, Sony, Sugden, Tag Mclaren, Talk Electronics, Tannoy, Teac, Technics, Thorens, Tube Technology, Unison Research, Usher, Wadia, Wavac and many, many others.

*We are very experienced with working on Croft items, including repairing them (we can even replace failed mains transformers with our own uprated version) and upgrading sound quality and facilities (including remote controls).

Services Available

Turntables: everything from fitting a cartridge through to full mechanical and electronic repairs, servicing and restoration.

CD players: all repairs including laser replacements and adjustments (where lasers are available)

Stereo Amplifiers: everything from simple faults through to re-capping older amplifiers, including all technologies from transistor, mosfet, Class T/D and valve (push pull, single ended and OTL).

Cable: repairs and retermination

Loudspeakers: from rewiring to upgrading, including refoaming drive units and drive unit swaps.