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Bespoke Audio Company Copper TVC Pre-Amplifier

Bespoke Audio Company Copper TVC Pre-Amplifier

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*Bespoke Audio Company items are made to order, build time is normally in the region of 6 weeks*

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The Bespoke Audio Company may be a relatively new name on the hifi scene, but the founders of the company, Harry and Lucy, have had many years of experience developing and building transformer volume control pre amplifiers. Their ethos is refreshingly different, not only is their attention to detail, fit and finish bordering on the obsessive, but they aim to offer a unique buying experience that lifts this from just being another piece of (exquisite) hifi to something that is as personal to you as a tailored suit.

Almost every part can be customised to your needs, from the connections and features through to the cosmetics - there is no such thing as ‘off the shelf’ at the Bespoke Audio Company. There are too many options to detail here, but if you can imagine it, then chances are The Bespoke Audio Co will be able to make it a reality. Arriving in a serious flight case, packed with a personalised manual, it’s somewhat larger (and much heavier) than the images might suggest, almost completely filling a standard sized hi-fi shelf. Internally there are two large multi tapped transformers that are the heart of the pre amplifier, these provide 46 steps of volume control, almost twice the number featured on the majority of other TVC pre amplifiers. The transformers are wound on custom made bobbins, featuring oversized cores enabling colossal overload margins (30 volts - well above the level any pre amplifier will ever experience, meaning there is no chance of dynamics killing saturation ever occurring). All internal wiring is cotton covered copper or silver (depending upon the version) which is carefully hand laced together into beautiful looms - I can’t remember the last time I saw that being done!

The volume control is motorised and remote controlled, yet it does so quietly and smoothly, and without spoiling the excellent feel of the control when used manually. Hidden underneath is switching for lifting the ground if required (they are also hidden on the internal views, look for the two semi circular pieces towards the rear of the chassis).

We have compared the Bespoke pre amplifiers to many much more expensive pre amplifiers, but to date, this is the only one that stands out as being truly reference grade. As ever with a very good TVC it’s almost impossible to describe the sound - which appears to have so little intrusion on the music that it’s close to being ‘inaudible’.

Except of course it isn’t, and nothing ever can be, but rather than defining the presentation or tonality, it’s what it reveals that others miss out on that defines the sound of this pre amplifier. Great transparency is a given, but there’s also a delicate touch, and a layering to the presentation which keeps individual sounds well placed and separate, both in terms of their tonal identity as well as their physical space in the sound stage. There’s a naturalness and effortlessness too, no doubt in part due to the cotton covered wiring, with no fear of the sound ever becoming hard or aggressive. Speed and dynamics are incredibly impressive, making almost every other pre amplifier sound thick and muted. 

In summary this is an incredibly well evolved product for a new company, and one that should set the benchmark both for sonics as well as the whole buying experience - I can't remember the last time I saw such a complete product from a new firm, with everything from packaging, paperwork and product being presented so beautifully.

Technical Specifications
​Wiring: Copper 
Max Stereo Inputs - Six (RCA or XLR as specified)
Max Stereo Outputs - Two (RCA or XLR as specified
Auxiliary Input/Output - One
46 discrete steps over a 67.5dB range in 1.5dB increments
Remote control of volume level

Height - 110mm (4 1/2”)
Width - 305mm (12”)
Depth - 345mm (13 1/2”)
Weight - 14kg (31lbs)
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