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Tonar 5964 760gm Turntable Record Clamp

Tonar 5964 760gm Turntable Record Clamp

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Beautifully machined polished (which I believe is made from stainless steel), this puck features a felt underside to prevent damage to the record labels or wherever it's rested. It's designed to hold the LP onto the platter with its high mass - a very weighty 760grams.It can be used to help reduce the severity of some warped/concave records and may on certain turntables improve the sound too (like all clamps it will definitely change it, the effect will vary from turntable to turntable). It does not clamp onto the spindle, and just uses its mass to hold the LP down. 

Please be aware that this may not be suitable for some suspended turntables due to its weight.

Height 25mm, Diameter 78mm.  

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