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Something Solid Missing Link 2 Feet

Something Solid Missing Link 2 Feet

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The Missing link foot is quite radical in concept and is the result of many hundreds of hours or listening and experimentation. Internally they feature a carbon fibre and balsa wood sandwich which is then suspended on a high tensile strength synthetic rope which helps decouple/filter the supported item from the room and vice versa.

The original intention of using spikes on stands was to increase rigidity and coupling, so at first the idea of a product that goes against the grain seems alien, but once you’ve experienced the benefits we’re sure you’re world will be turned upside down the same way ours was. Sonically what they do is open the sound up, it becomes more effortless yet also improves dynamic contrast, bass tonality and bass solidity.  

These feet can be used under speakers, speaker stands and equipment supports with great benefit, but be warned, many find them addictive and end up using them under every spike interface within the system. They can be used safely under practically any weight of item (25kg per foot would be a very conservative rating) and they can be used on carpeted or bare wood floors.

ML2 is the second generation of Missing Link foot. Structurally the key improvement is the move from steel, which whilst strong is also resonant, to be replaced by plywood, which is introduces even less of its own character onto the sound.

The aim of the ML2 is to effectively suspend equipment and supports using materials that introduce the least sonic penalties. This is why there is no rubber, Sorbothane or plastics used in its construction. The tensioned synthetic rope is enormously strong and supports a ply and balsa sandwich inner section which evenly and quickly draws vibration out of the supported item, sonically reducing noise and giving a sense of ease and flow to the sound that a rigid coupling can never match.

What’s more the ML2 replaces the Little Link foot too, thanks to its clever invertible design. The ML2 is a dual purpose foot and shoe. It’s made from two pieces, both of which can be inverted, giving 4 possible arrangements. The smaller inner piece that floats upon the tensioned cord is flat on one side (for use against the underside of a shelf or underneath the flat chassis of an item of equipment). When it is turned upside down it presents a small hole to act as a cone/spike shoe.

The lower section can be inverted too, you will note that the cord is offset, so one way up raises the inner piece, the other lowers it. This allows it to offer two different heights for the inner piece to sit at depending upon which way up it is. For spike shoe usage the lower position is ideal, for applications where the inner piece needs to sit proud (like under shelves and equipment) then inverting the base so that the inner position sits above the top of the lower section is to be used. 

We do not recommend placing the ML2 under the existing feet of a product unless there is no other option, ideally it should be in direct contact with the chassis, and in a perfect world be located underneath the key vibration generating points. So on a piece of electronics one foot underneath the mains transformer is ideal, with two others just used to ensure stability. With single plinth turntables the ideal is to have one foot near the motor, one near the arm and one near the main bearing (again ensuring they are sufficiently positioned to ensure stability is not compromised).

Something Solid Missing Link 2 foot: £33.00 each. (We would recommend 3 for most applications but sell them individually so you can choose based upon your requirements).

Technical Specifications:

Width: 75mm
Depth: 75mm
Height: Approx 42 to 47mm depending upon inversion

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