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Russell K RED 150 Loudspeakers

Russell K RED 150 Loudspeakers

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The Red 150 is a fairly substantial floor standing speaker with a big sound. It looks like an elongated version of the Red 100, and uses two of the same bass drivers in an undamped multi chambered cabinet (as found in all Russell K speakers). As you’d expect of Russell K designs, the cabinet features their unusual undamped multi chambered cabinets which are incredibly complicated to manufacture but bring great benefits to mid band resolution and bass control.

The 150 has an effortlessly room filling sound, but are easy to place despite their very well extended low frequency performance. They have impressive composure and scale allied to convincing dynamics. Ultimately probably the best description of them is that they are superb all rounder, very few speakers have such a wide blend of strengths. They do what too few great speakers do, they do not draw attention to themselves, with no obvious flaws or character, but they do draw you into the music, and who could ask more than that?

Very highly recommended!

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