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Russell K RED 120 Loudspeakers

Russell K RED 120 Loudspeakers

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The Red 120 is a compact floor standing speaker with a big sound. It looks like an elongated version of the Red 50, and uses two of the same bass drivers in an undamped multi chambered cabinet (as found in all Russell K speakers). I was impressed at how similar it sounded to the somewhat bulkier Red 100, the same strengths are there (I wont repeat them here, it has a lot of them!), on top there’s a touch more richness to the sound and more extended lower frequencies.

So what we have here is a very neat and unobtrusive floorstanding speaker that doesn’t trade sound quality for it’s compact dimensions and doesn’t dominate smaller rooms (sonically or aesthetically). What’s more they’re very easy to place in a room and easy to drive - both characteristics that all The Russell K speakers share. They’re not limited to smaller rooms either, being remarkably room filling in larger spaces too.

So highly recommended - regardless of whether you require a discreet floor standing speaker or simply want one of the very best sounding speakers in its price bracket.


-Construction 16mm MDF all sides apart from front baffle which is 19mm.
-Totally undamped cabinet
-3 acoustic loading bracing shelves with multiple apertures, mounted below the tweeter, below the bass mid driver and below the sub bass driver
-1 bracing shelf mounted near the bottom of the enclosure containing an internal port
-Internal port vents into a small chamber containing a second reflex port tuned as a system to 24Hz
Drive Units
-2 x 5” Bass units with impregnated paper cone and curved optimised acoustic profile
-High power Ferrite magnet driving a 25mm voice coil with aluminium former and Faraday distortion cancelling copper ring
-25mm soft dome tweeter, with Ferrite magnet system, Copper Clad Aluminium voice coil wire on a Fibreglass Former and Faraday distortion cancelling copper ring
-All drivers connected in positive phase
-Sub bass driver starts roll off at 80Hz 6db/Oct fed by “Enclosed Field Iron Core Inductor”. Features high power without saturation, very low DCR and almost no stray magnetic field
-Bass/Mid driver crossover frequency 2200Hz nominal 12 db/Oct. Utilises an “Enclosed Field Ferrite Core Inductor “in the signal path. Very low DCR nominal stray fields
-Tweeter attenuation by misaligned Zobel network as opposed to conventional L-Pad
-All Drivers have only one component in the signal path
-Phase optimised through the crossover region
-Dimensions H- 860mm (910mm including plinth, base and spikes) W-200mm D-190mm
-In room usable frequency response 25Hz-22KHz (dependent on room)
-Sensitivity: 86db 1 watt 1 Metre
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