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Rega Turntable Wall Brackets

Rega Turntable Wall Brackets

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The new Rega Wall Bracket is a rigid welded metal wall stand specifically designed for almost all Rega turntables*. Made from laser cut and folded Aluminium, a lot of care has gone into it to make it 1.2kg lighter than the previous generation, yet it's also more rigid.

This wall bracket helps isolate the turntable from floor vibration and also looks stunning - the turntable almost appears to float on the wall as the minimalist design has three 'pegs' that go inside the turntables feet. There are two finishes available, black and white.
This wall bracket will also fit other Rega based decks from manufacturers including NAD, Moth, Goldring and Edwards Audio (amongst many others), please email us to check suitability.
Dimensions: Depth: 400mm, Width: 375mm, Height: 175mm. Weight just 1kg!
The Standard version in the options fits all turntables bar the following two model series:

*Please note:- If you plan on using this bracket with an RP6, RP8 or RP10 turntable, you will need to purchase screw in adapters for the feet to sit on, which we can sell separately or as a package as shown in the buying options.
*Also available in the buying options is a version for the Planar 8 and Planar 10 turntables, as these have different locating mounts for the feet.

Whilst the bracket does come with screw basic fixings, we would recommend purchasing the longest fixings for your wall type.
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