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Rega Tonearm Counterweights (RB300, RB330, RB880 etc)

Rega Tonearm Counterweights (RB300, RB330, RB880 etc)

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These counterweights fit the cast  tube Rega arms with the 13mm stainless steel metal stubs (these are arms with a spring dial on the side that sets the tracking force) , this includes all arms that follow in the lineage that started with the RB300. So that includes RB300, RB301, RB303, RB330, RB600, RB880, RB900, RB2000, RB3000

These weights will all fit the same arms, however it's important to note the differences.
There are different masses, materials and diameters, naturally these are all inter-related!

In terms of pecking order, mild steel is the lowest cost and quality, stainless steel is superior sounding and denser and Tungsten is the best but incredibly costly to manufacture due to its great hardness.

The diameter of the weight can be important, as it can affect clearance to the turntable lid, especially when the arm is being raised with spacers. 

Please note, if converting a plastic threaded tonearm (RB250, RB251, RB220 etc) with a metal stub we would recommend picking one of the extra heavyweights, as these arms do not have the spring tracking force applicator to assist in adding tracking force.

Version #1
Name: RB330/RB303 Material: Mild Steel (black), Weight: 95gm, Ext Diameter: 35mm
Version #2
Name: Planar 8/RB880 Material: Stainless Steel, Weight: 100gm , Ext Diameter: mm
Version #3
Name:  RB330/Planar 6. Material: Stainless Steel. Weight: , Diameter: 34mm
Version #4
Name:  Extra Heavy. Material: Stainless Steel, Weight: 110gm, Diameter: 40mm
Version #5
Name:  RB330/RB880 Upgrade Material: Tungsten, Weight: 100gm, Diameter: 30mm
Version #6
Name:  RB2000/RB3000 Material: Tungsten, Weight: 100gm , Diameter: 33mm
Version #7
Name:  Extra Heavy Tungsten. Material: Tungsten, Weight: 120gm, Ext Diameter: 34mm
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