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Rega RB Titanium Reference Tonearm

Rega RB Titanium Reference Tonearm

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The RB Titanium tonearm is a new top of the range 'Reference' tonearm from Rega. It is the arm developed for the Naiad turntable and is now also found on the Naia turntable and is a culmination of all the development work Rega have done in perfecting the art of their tonearm design philosophy.

As the name suggests, the arm features a new one piece Titanium vertical bearing housing and spindle assembly, a very expensive specialist metal that is both extremely light and stiff. Reducing the arms physical weight (not effective mass) was a key focus for the development of this arm during the Naiad turntables development, hence the use of extreme materials like these.

The structure of the arm has been designed to have the minimum number of mechanical joints and due to the precision of the bearings used and their adjustment has a near frictionless movement in both horizontal and vertical planes. The arm assembly and aluminium arm tube are hand polished for an exceptional finish. A Tungsten balance weight shaft and counterweight complete the package.

Mounting Type
Rega 3 point fixing

Mounting Distance (platter centre to arm hole centre)
222 mm

Effective length
236.5 mm

Offset Angle

14.5 mm

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