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Rega Straight Tonearm packaging set

Rega Straight Tonearm packaging set

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This is the packaging set used by Rega for many years and is suitable for all their straight arm tubed tonearms (i.e. all the British made ones, so from the RB250/RB300 and onwards to the present day). We regret there is no Rega packaging available for the early S shaped tonearms.

It is a card sleeve and two interlocking pieces of polystyrene. 

This is ideal if you need to safely store or ship your precious tonearm. It includes cut outs for the counterweights and so on. If storing an arm in the box for an extended period we would recommend putting the arm inside a bag (not included) to reduce the risk that the polystyrene might stick to parts like the cable. A thin 'freezer' bag or two is ideal for this application.


If you require packaging for a different Rega model please let us know which model you require it for and we will try to assist.

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