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Rega RB220 Tonearm

Rega RB220 Tonearm

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The RB220 is a superb tonearm, the latest in a long line of models that can trace their roots all the way back to the ground breaking RB250 which first saw light in 1983.
The elements that made the RB250 an instant classic are still core to the RB220. Like its predecessor it features a remarkable one piece from headshell to bearing cast armtube which combines low mass with incredible rigidity and in its latest guise remodelled to optimise its strength and mass distribution. This sort of manufacturing technique is unheard of at this price point. The benefits of this rigidity are a clean well defined sound with low surface noise.
These are a real giant killer of a tonearm and I regularly use them on turntables several times the arms cost and it's remarkable how little character they introduce in proceedings.
The patent pending low friction polymer bearings are precisely adjusted by hand, and the whole tonearm is made in the UK. This tonearm is currently fitted as standard to the Planar 2 turntable. 

It features the current 3 point Rega fixing, where three wood screws (included) are used to secure it to the plinth/armboard. The main arm hole is 25mm diameter, with the three securing the arm in a triangle around this central hole. M3.5 nuts and bolts can be used for metal armboards (not included). A manual and mounting protractor are included.
The external cable is captive (soldered inside the arm to reduce the number of contacts in the signal path), it is approximately 1.1m in length and is terminated with RCA plugs, no additional ground wire is required. The cable is well screened and low capacitance making it suitable for use with all cartridges.
This is the latest version which features adjustable bias/anti skate.
Effective mass: Low / 11g

Mounting distance, platter centre to arm hole centre: 222mm

Effective length: 236.5mm

Offset angle: 21.55o

Overhang: 14.5mm
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