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Rega NEO mk2 TT-PSU Turntable Power Supply

Rega NEO mk2 TT-PSU Turntable Power Supply

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The Neo mk2 PSU is the latest turntable power supply from Rega.
Designed for use with the 24v Rega turntables (i.e. the Rega decks that use a 'wall wart' power supply, excluding the Planar 1 and Planar 2) it can be used with the RP3, P3-24, Planar 3 2016 and onwards (but not the original versions), P5, P7, RP6, RP40. It will also power the Rega 24v motor upgrade kit which we also sell (please see our other listings) that can be retro fitted to all Rega turntables.
This supply comes as standard with the Planar 6 and Planar 8.

The mk2 version here brings a new look which matches the current range of Rega electronics, the performance is still the same and as great as ever!

This design features the DSP (digital signal processing) generator as seen on the RP10 turntable, which is built upon a high stability crystal. The DSP generator will divide the accurate signal from the crystal to the exact frequency required to turn the platter at the selected speed. It is claimed to produce a near perfect sinusoidal waveform to drive the motor. This, along with an efficient drive amplifier, generates a 24V AC balanced signal of less than 0.15% distortion, which is completely un-affected by any changes in the mains/line voltage and conditions. It also features fine speed adjustments in 0.01rpm steps, as well as easy switching between 33.3 and 45rpm.

Width 180mm

Depth 155m

Height 50mm

Weight 0.6Kg
A longer (2m) power supply cable is also available if the power supply is to be placed a further distance from the turntable than normal.
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