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Rega ND5 MM Cartridge

Rega ND5 MM Cartridge

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The ND5 is a radical new cartridge from Rega. Hand built in the UK Rega factory, this model effectively replaces the Exact in the range, but is the culmination of 10 years of R&D into a revolutionary new design.
Over the ND3 this features a much larger one piece (Nude) Elliptical profile diamond for reduced mass and improved energy transfer into the cantilever. 

Rega believe they have made the first Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge to have employed Neodymium N55 magnets (hence the ND model designation). These are extraordinarily powerful compared to the common alternatives, which means they can be made smaller (and lighter) which is incredibly important in an MM design as it is an unsprung moving mass attached to the cantilever. It also enables them to get a high output voltage whist keeping the number of windings in the generator down, which also reduces sprung mass and inductance which brings improved high frequency extension.

Rega say "The design uses a brand new generator geometry with perfect symmetry to achieve highly accurate channel balance. The Nd5 also has an optimised pole gap for superior linearity and cross talk characteristics. This new cartridge is created with miniaturised parallel coils which are wound in house utilising 38-micron wire with just 1275 turns. This produces a low inductance, low impedance generator giving vastly improved high frequency response."

The body is derived from their MC cartridge designs, so there's a clever stylus guard included and the option to use Regas 3 point mounting, whilst also being compatible with any normal half inch mount headshell. The body is made from zero tolerance Injection moulded glass filled polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) which is both light and rigid.

This cartridge does not have a replaceable stylus assembly, however a reasonably priced rebuild service is offered by Rega, which help keep the running costs down and comparable to many other similar cartridges, please see our 'Replacement Styli section' for details.

Nominal Output Voltage: 5-6mV
Stylus: Nude Elliptical
Cantilever: Aluminium
Fixing: Rega three point fixing (can be used with 2 bolts for any normal 1/2" mounting tonearm)
Coils: Miniaturised parallel coils
Window Colour: Red
Tracking pressure: 1.75g

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