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Rega Naia Turntable (Click and Collect only)

Rega Naia Turntable (Click and Collect only)

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It all started with the Naiad turntable, which was a study in producing the 'ultimate' cost no object deck within the Rega turntable design philosophy. The eye watering cost and complexity made it an extremely limited production model and sadly something few will ever get to own.
The Naia, whilst still a substantial investment, is a deck that anyone can buy, but it has many of the lessons learned incorporated into its design from their ultimate design study.

Whilst outwardly it looks similar to the Planar 10, when you get down to the details you start to see the near obsessive levels of attention to detail in the engineering.
It's difficult to know where to start discussing this deck, as there are so many geeky points of interest in its construction. Since it forms the structure, the plinth is as good a place as any to start. It's made from graphene impregnated carbon fibre faced Tancast 8 foam which is extremely light and stiff. To provide an ultra rigid connection between the bearing and the tonearm ceramic braces are found on both the top and bottom of the plinth. 

The main bearing itself is fascinating, it's made from a ceramic material (ZTA Zirconium toughened alumina ceramic to be precise), upon its sits the most beautifully sculptured aluminium sib platter and upon that is a platter made from diamond cut Ceramic Oxide, and eye wateringly expensive material to use for this sort of application. In its design is has a flywheel profile to increase mass as its perimeter.

The AC motor is powered from an external supply called the Reference and it drives the sub platter by three drive belts, ensuring high torque and low slip for improved speed stability.

The tonearm is the RB Titanium, a hand polished delight with titanium bearing housing, near frictionless movement and tungsten counterweight and arm stub. This arm was also used on the Naiad turntable.

The attention to detail is quite stunning, almost jewellery like but for design reasons rather than cosmetics (not that it's not very attractive in itself), just look at the close up picture of the aluminium feet, which have have had almost all the material machined away to make them as light as possible.

The sound is really quite different from most turntables. There's a sense of high frequency air, speed and space that stands out at first listen. The ability to hear into the acoustic of the recording venue is really very impressive. The presentation takes quite a while to understand, being quite different from many other decks at this price point, but if ever there was a deck that made you want to keep grabbing different LPs to see what it could find on them then this is it. 

The fact that this is also such a compact and discreet design for a turntable at this price and performance level is a really useful real world bonus too.  

This deck is available from Rega either without a cartridge or with the Aphelion 2 pre-fitted, but we can supply and fit a very wide variety (I've listed various Rega models that we can supply with it, but naturally there are plenty of other options we can supply/fit too).

Naia Turntable Dimensions (W x H x D)
420 x 115 x 350 mm (with dust cover fitted)

Reference PSU Dimensions (W x H x D)
218 x 80 x 320 mm
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