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Rega Motor Round Sticky Pad (x3)

Rega Motor Round Sticky Pad (x3)

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These Round shaped sticky pads are used by Rega on their latest turntables to attach the motor to the underside of the plinth of the turntable. Many years ago Rega moved away from hanging their motor on an O ring and replaced it with these pads, which prevented problems of the motor moving, getting misaligned or making noise during start up. Rega no longer supply the original O rings, so these pads are a good solution if yours has stretched, and they also anchor the motor more effectively.

They are also very useful if you need to remove and refit the Motor on any modern Rega deck.

The thickness of the laminate on the Rega plinths varies over the years (amongst other subtle tolerances), so in some instances it can be necessary to stick 3 or more pads together to get the height of the motor correct (so that the pulley does not foul the underside of the platter).

These pads are very sticky, but can only be used once, so do be sure to position them correctly and that you get the correct height before attempting to use them.

These pads will fit almost every deck that Rega have ever made (including many of the models they make for other brands including some models from Edwards Audio, NAD, Moth, Goldring etc.).
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