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Rega Lift Lower Mechanism

Rega Lift Lower Mechanism

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This is the latest version as fitted to current production tonearms, the difference is a cosmetically redesigned lifting platform (the black banana shaped piece), but I believe them to be completely compatible with all the earlier (straight black arm tube only) Rega tonearms as well.

This Rega manual lift/lower cueing mechanism will fit all straight Rega tonearms (i.e. from the RB250 and onwards) as well as many other manufacturers arms (Rega supply this part to firms including older Wilson Benesch arms, Schroeder, Michell, Nottingham Analogue* and many others as it's such an elegant solution to an ever tricky problem). It is the perfect replacement for any worn or damaged assemblies and is also very handy if you're building your own tonearm, as its silicone damped mechanism is both easy to use and kind to your cartridge.

Fitting instructions: It is very easy to fit, simply loosen the small allen bolt to remove the the black banana shaped platform the arm rests upon in the 'up' position and put it to one side (please note that this is the wrong way around when you get it - to make it smaller and safer to transport), unscrew the upper silver section which is what clamps the whole assembly to the tonearm (being a little careful not to loose the spring inside), fit the lift lower assembly into your tonearm from underneath (arm will need to be removed from turntable to do this), screw the the upper silver section back into place firmly (using circlip pliers or similar to tighten) and then refit the banana shaped platform at the desired height, and you're now ready to go!

*On some non-Rega brand arms that use this assembly some modifications may be necessary to make it fit, please contact us with details of the make and model of your arm if you have any doubts about its suitability before purchasing.

Please note that this will not fit the early silver S shaped Rega tonearms.
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