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Rega Kyte Pair of Loudspeakers

Rega Kyte Pair of Loudspeakers

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The Kyte was a study to develop a more affordable speaker to join the Rega range. The tweeter is the same as found in the rest of the RX range and is joined by a new Rega manufactured mid/bass drive unit which features the familiar Rega elements of small voice coil (good for high frequency reproduction) and a stiff paper cone.

The big difference from all previous Rega speakers is the cabinet. Rather than use wood they have developed an enclosure that is made from an injection moulded phenolic resin. There is a massive cost to tool up for this, but the benefits are in reducing the  unit cost (which is how they’ve managed to produce one of the most affordable British made speakers available). There are other benefits too, it’s easier to make a design without parallel panels, which helps spread internal reflections. To stiffen the cabinet walls, bracing with ceramic plates are used, the cabinet feels light and stiff when handled. An optional T shaped rear foot is included, so you can either have the speaker sitting upright or with a slight rearwards tilt.

The sound is really quite different, and does take some acclimatisation. Whether this is due to the removal of colouration from the lack of a wood cabinet, or an addition of the resonance's of the stiff plastic enclosure I’m not completely sure - but I’d hedge my bets and say it’s a bit of both. The Rega speaker strengths of speed and midband insight are still present, but the sound is a little leaner and cooler than the rest of the range. Close to wall placement is required for the ported enclosure to get sufficient reinforcement at low frequencies, which naturally helps ease of positioning in many rooms.

They are a speaker that really deserves to be auditioned, and Rega should be congratulated for bucking the trend and producing a design that uses clever construction techniques that allow them to make them in the UK with high quality drive units at a very reasonable price.
An optional foot, designed to sit atop shallower surfaces like some speakers stands is available here

Finish: Black

Grilles: none (but tweeter partially protected by fascia)

Dimensions: H 325, W 188mm, D 232mm (with standard foot fitted)
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