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Rega Io Integrated Amplifier

Rega Io Integrated Amplifier

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The Io is an amplifier we're really excited about - an affordable British built amplifier that offers everything you need to get great sound at an incredibly reasonable price and in a really compact box. A simple no frills purist design aimed to produce the best sound whilst offering a smattering of useful facilities. It is very traditional in its design and we feel has all the right ingredients to make an exceptional amplifier at this price point.

Many manufacturers would be tempted to save money and use switch mode power supplies and switching (aka Class D etc) power amplifiers, but not Rega - what we have here is literally a scaled down version of their more expensive designs - a chunky toroidal mains transformer forms the heart of a quality linear supply and the amplifier output stage (and MM phono stage!) is taken almost directly from its award winning bigger brother, the Brio.

The headphone socket is fed straight from the output stage of the amplifier (the speaker outputs mute when the headphones are plugged in), so you get the same great sound through phones as you do through speakers.


-MM phono input (RCA phono sockets with ground post)

-2 x Line Level inputs via RCA Phono sockets

-Headphone socket (3.5mm socket on fascia)

-Sanken output transistors, as used in the Brio amplifier, with 30 watts RMS power output (both channels driven into 8 Ohms)

-Speaker binding posts will accept bare wire and 4mm banana plugs (once blanking grommets are removed)

-Remote control volume (via high quality motorised ALPS potentiometer), mute and input switching

-Dimensions Width 180mm, Depth 290mm, Height 68mm.

-Weight 2.9kg

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