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Rega Carbon MM Cartridge

Rega Carbon MM Cartridge

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The Rega Carbon is the entry level MM (Moving Magnet) cartridge from Rega. This is the same cartridge that is fitted as standard to the Planar 1 and Planar 2 turntables. It can also be fitted to most other turntables with the industry standard 1/2" mount.
It weighs approximately 5gm and requires a tracking force between 2-3gm. It has an output of 2.5mV making it ideal for use into any MM Phono input.

As is normal with cartridges, the cartridge body is supplied with a stylus fitted (we also sell the replacement styli separately), a stylus guard, quality allen nuts and bolts and it is all retail packaged in an attractive and most importantly a very strong box.
-Carbon cantilever
-Conical profile
-Detachable stylus
-Tracking pressure 2-3 g
-Output 2.5 mV at 1 kHz
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