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Rega 3 point tonearm spacers (Aluminium and Stainless)

Rega 3 point tonearm spacers (Aluminium and Stainless)

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These spacers are suitable for all Rega tonearms with 3 point fixings. Please see the full list of models at the bottom.
Two versions of this spacer are made, there is a cheaper option made from cut flat black anodised aluminium, and for best performance there's a precision machined version made from stainless steel with smaller contact area at the three fixing holes.

These spacers are both 2mm thick and can be stacked if a greater height is required

These will RB101, RB110, RB251, RB202, RB220, RB301, RB303, RB330, RB700, RB808, RB880, RB2000, RB3000, RB Titanium tonearms.
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