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Rega 24v Motor Upgrade Kit

Rega 24v Motor Upgrade Kit

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The Rega 24v High Performance Synchronous Motor Upgrade Kit allows you to retrofit Rega's latest 24v motor to your turntable. The new 24v motor reduces vibration and uses a synchronous AC motor. Upgrading your motor to the 24v kit also allows you to use Rega's Neo TT-PSU, which provides you with 35/45rpm electronic speed change, as opposed to manually changing the belt on the pulley. Rega also claim that this motor provides improved speed stability.

This kit will fit the RP1, P1, P2, P2 2000, PLANET, PLANAR 2, PLANAR 3, P3 2000 and PLANAR 25 turntables.

Please be advised that a small amount of soldering will be required to fit this motor. We are able to fit this for a small extra charge (which will be invoiced via eBay). Please contact us for further details.
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