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Quadraspire Wall Brackets

Quadraspire Wall Brackets

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*Made to order, can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks to arrive*

Quadraspire wall brackets feature a black bamboo frame with a choice of spike coupled top shelf options.

Three different versions are available, to match their normal range of equipment supports, so there's the classic Q4Evo which has a shelf size of 59cm x 39.5cm, the deeper Q4Evo Large which is 59cm x 47cm and the SVT version which is the same size as the Q4Evo (59cm x 39.5cm) but features the additional performance of the SVT series (lower mass and improved shelf coupling. 

The shelf finishes available are Natural Bamboo, Cherry bamboo, Dark Bamboo and Black Bamboo.

The metal work is available in black or silver aluminium, or for a premium there's the  best sounding solid Bronze option.

A second tier can be added to the wall shelf if required for an additional cost, the combined weight should not exceed 50kg and suitable wall fixings must be used (not supplied as it will vary depending upon wall type).

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