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Quadraspire SVT Performance HiFi Rack

Quadraspire SVT Performance HiFi Rack

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*Price shown is for each tier/level*

*Made to order, can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks to arrive*

The SVT (Sunoko Vent Table) from Quadraspire takes the classic Q4L Evo recipe and takes it even further. The shelves feature brass inserts that the aluminium uprights sandwich which allows the rack to be tensioned more firmly and provides a more distinct path for the vibration to dissipate through. The shelves themselves feature cuts which reduce mass and have the additional benefit of allowing more convection for hot running items of equipment.

The shelves are made from bamboo, with 4 different finishes - Natural Bamboo, Cherry bamboo, Dark Bamboo and Black Bamboo.

These racks are priced per shelf, or tier as we tend to call them. Each tier comes with a tapered set of 32mm diameter legs or feet finished in either Silver or Black with heights of 100mm, 140mm, 180mm, 216mm, 256mm and 326mm. The legs are made from solid aluminium to reduce resonance.

So as an example, if you wanted a three shelf rack you would purchase 1 tier with the feet and two tiers with the shelf heights you require. 

Overall dimensions are the same as the Q4L Evo range. The shelves have an external width of 59cm and depth of 47cm (from the tips of the corners to the rear), with an internal width of 47.7cm.

The racks are easy to assemble and level. What's more they're can be stripped down to change the shelf order or add tiers at a later very easily too.

The spikes are adjustable and lockable to cope with the most uneven of floors. Castors and flat feet are also available, but for best performance we would recommend spikes (with spike shoes available separately for uncarpeted floors).

The top shelf can also be upgraded with the Bronze upgrade kit. Quadraspire have an excellent ‘product builder’ section on their Quadraspire website, which makes designing a rack very easy.

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