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Quadraspire Signature XReference HiFi Rack

Quadraspire Signature XReference HiFi Rack

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Column Size
Shelf Finish
X structural level finish

*Price shown is for each tier/level*

*Made to order, can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks to arrive*

The Signature XReference is the ultimate rack from Quadraspire.

It's effectively a very highly fine tuned version of the already excellent XReference, chasing the very last performance improvement but at the expense of much a reduced finish range.

The reason for this is that the bamboo shelves are covered in a Black Nextel paint (Nextel is a slightly soft feeling, thick specialist coating), and X shaped structural layers have a Nextel finish in either black or orange. The aluminium legs are only available in a silver too.

The shelf spacings are available at 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400m but please note that due to the height lost to the spiked Bamboo shelf you do lose 70mm of internal usable height from each these spacings.

The overall width is 720mm and the overall depth is 590mm.

Quadraspire have an excellent ‘product builder’ section on their Quadraspire website, which makes designing a rack very easy.

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