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Quadraspire Q6014 Speaker Stands

Quadraspire Q6014 Speaker Stands

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*Made to order, can take anywhere between 4-8 weeks to arrive*

The Quadraspire Q6014 stands are a lightweight yet rigid wooden stand design with a clever backwards lean to them that allows speakers that need wall reinforcement to get very  close to the wall - even taking into account most skirting boards! They are available in two finishes, the difference being the upright either being in natural bamboo (as pictured above) or in all black. They are 24” tall making them ideal for many designs, the standard top plate is 140mm wide, but a wider 180mm version is also available. Revised for 2023 these stands now feature a thicker and heavier base for improved stability (picture is of the very similar previous version)

Quadraspire Q6014 Improved in black bamboo or black & natural bamboo (as pictured): £450/pr

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