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Pro-Ject Pro Turntable Record Clamp

Pro-Ject Pro Turntable Record Clamp

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This listing is for a new Pro-Ject Record Puck Pro. This is the same record puck that is found on the Pro-Ject Debut Pro turntable, but can also be used on a wide variety of turntables from many manufacturers. 

Made from beautiful nickel plated Aluminium, this is a 'medium' weight record puck, weighing in at 190gm and works in a similar way to a record clamp, only using the weight of the puck to "clamp" the record down onto the platter, as opposed to an actual record clamp, which is pushed onto the record and then tightened (clamped) to the spindle. 

Please be aware that this may not be suitable for some suspended turntables due to its weight.  

The underside has a felt lining to prevent damage to the records label. 

Record weights can be very useful in helping to reduce the problems caused by some warps and convex/concave LPs, some turntables can also show an improvement in sound quality too. 

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