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Pro-Ject E Turntable Record Clamp

Pro-Ject E Turntable Record Clamp

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This listing is for a new Pro-Ject Record Puck E. This is a new cut down and lighter weight record Puck from turntable manufacturer Pro-Ject.

This aluminium record puck ensures a secure fit between record and turntable in a similar way to a record clamp, only using the weight of the puck to "clamp" the record down onto the platter, as opposed to an actual record clamp, which is pushed onto the record and then tightened (clamped) to the spindle. This can help reduce the effects of warped/concave/convex records and will increase the coupling of the record to the platter which will have an effect on the sound (to varying degrees depending upon the turntable design).

With the two different finishes, black and silver, it perfectly fits the design of of almost any turntable. 

With a weight of 190 grams, this puck is perfect for smaller turntables in order not to burden the turntable bearing and to prevent an increase in rumbling.

Please note that this puck is only compatible with turntables with a spindle height does not exceed 10.55mm, be sure to check this before purchase.

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