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Pro-Ject Measure-It E Digital stylus tracking force gauge

Pro-Ject Measure-It E Digital stylus tracking force gauge

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The Measure It E is a very cost effective way to accurately measure your tracking force. The housing and assembly are made from non magnetic materials making it suitable for both MM and MC cartridges, and it features a clear display with backlight making it easy to read in even low light conditions.

Simply place it on your platter, switch it on and then lower your cartridge onto the black circle. It will measure up to 5g (making it suitable for all but the very heaviest tracking cartridges) and shows the force in 0.01g increments. 

A 5g calibration weight,  protective pouch and batteries are included (2 x LR43 are used, and it comes with a spare pair of batteries too).

Capacity 0 - 5g
Variance ±0,002g
Weighting modes gram (1g = 10mN), ounce (oz), pennyweight (dwt) and carat (ct)
Display 4 digit LCD with backlight
Calibration auto calibration using a 5g weight
Auto off 30 seconds off
Replacement battery 2 x LR43 (AG12) button cells, 1,5V
Operating temperature +10 - +30 C (50 - 86 degrees Fahrenheit)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 96 x 21 x 43mm
Weight 49g


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