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Pro-Ject Measure-It DS Digital stylus tracking force gauge

Pro-Ject Measure-It DS Digital stylus tracking force gauge

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The Measure-It DS is a precision digital tracking force scale designed to be suitable for all applications. It spans a massively wide range of measurable weights, from 0.01g to beyond anything that any cartridge could ever require, and it does so on a platform free of magnetic influence, making it ideal for all MM and MC cartridges (even those with especially powerful magnets). It is physically shaped so that it can be use with any tonearm and benefits from having a very low measuring height.

As you'd expect, the scale comes factory calibrated for highly accurate tracking force measurements. The backlit display is easy to read even in low light situations.

-Capacity: 0.01g - 200g
-Precision: 0,01g
-Weighting modes: gram (1g = 10mN), ounce (oz),
pennyweight (dwt), carat (ct) and grain (gn)
-Auto power off: 60 seconds
-Battery type: 2x AAA batteries (included)
-Operating temperature: +10 - +30°C (50 - 86 degrees Fahrenheit)
-Dimensions (W x H x D): 116 x 20 x 100mm
-Weight: 12g
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