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Pro-Ject Clean-It Carbon Fibre Stylus Brush

Pro-Ject Clean-It Carbon Fibre Stylus Brush

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The Clean-It is ideal for regular stylus cleaning. It uses short and dense carbon fibre bristles to help remove general dust and fluff from the stylus. We would recommend dry cleaning styli only wherever possible (if you have to use a fluid make sure it is compatible with the manufacturer of your cartridge and use it very sparingly).

To use this brush we recommend you unclip the tonearm (so the arm can move freely upwards if you exert too much force ensuring that the cantilever is not stressed) and wipe the brush from back to front of the stylus (i.e. in the direction of a record passing underneath the stylus). Doing this 2-3 times should remove all but the most stubborn detritus. Regular use is advisable as it helps prevent dirt getting baked onto the tip which can be much more difficult to remove without fluid.

Naturally it is advisable to keep your stylus clean for best sound quality and least wear of stylus and record. 

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