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Pro-Ject Clamp-It Turntable Record Clamp

Pro-Ject Clamp-It Turntable Record Clamp

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The Clamp-It is a very attractive and near universal* record clamp. 

Made from diamond turned aluminium it features a twistable knob that tightens onto your turntables spindle, holding the record firmly in place which can help reduce some record warps and problems such as concave/convex pressings. It will also change the sound quality as it will increase the records coupling onto the bearing/platter, change the resonances in the LP and reduce the chance of the LP subtly slipping on the platter as it plays. Underneath it has a soft surface to protect and damp the records label. It has a diameter of 78mm which is quite compact for a clamp and allows plenty of clearance for wide cartridges, it is 33mm tall and weighs 120gm, so it is in the medium mass range, being lighter than heavyweight pucks but a heavier than the lightest clamps. For turntables with suspension you may have to adjust your spring height to allow the use of this clamp (especially with ultra heavyweight vinyl).

*It will fit most turntables from Pro-Ject and many from other manufacturers too. Please note it will not fit turntables with threaded spindles such as the Pro-Ject 2 Xperience and 6 Perspex.

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