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Pro-Ject Brush-It Premium Carbon Fibre Record Brush

Pro-Ject Brush-It Premium Carbon Fibre Record Brush

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The Brush-It Premium is a high quality record brush for removing dust and static from your vinyl. It features a wooden handle and two rows of carbon fibre bristles. What marks this brush out as special is that it includes a ground wire, this can be attached to a suitable ground point (like your phono inputs ground connection for example) and ensures that any static charge on the LP surface is dissipated very efficiently down this low resistance pathway.

It is ideal for use whilst the record is spinning on your turntable, a couple of quick passes with this brush should leave your LP cleaned of all light debris in seconds.

The in built pivoting cover enables you to easily knock the dust off the bristles without risking contaminating them with the oils from your fingers whilst also doubling up as a protective guard and stand for the brush.  

Dimensions: 130 x 50 x 20mm

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