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Ortofon DS-3 Digital Stylus Tracking Force Gauge

Ortofon DS-3 Digital Stylus Tracking Force Gauge

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The DS-3 is a very high quality digital stylus scale from Ortofon. Made from non magnetic materials it provides a highly accurate reading whether you're using an MM or MC cartridge.
Thanks to the low height platform you can easily measure the tracking force with the stylus at LP height, which is especially critical with some tonearms.

The DS-3 scale is factory pre-calibrated for high accuracy measurements with the tolerance of +/-0.01 g.

- Sensitivity - 0.01g
- Operational weight range - 0.1g to 200g
-Battery - 2 × AAA (included)
- Size - (L) 120mm × (W) 60mm × (H) 17mm
- Weight - 70g
- LCD screen with back lighting
- Auto off function
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