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Ortofon Basic Stylus Tracking Force Gauge

Ortofon Basic Stylus Tracking Force Gauge

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This Ortofon basic Tracking Force Gauge is a quick and simple way to set up the tracking force on your turntable without spending a lot of money on a digital scale. It utilizes a simple "see-saw" movement, and is supplied as an accessory with many of the more expensive Ortofon cartridges.
The Gauge is labelled from 1.25gm through to 4gm, which means it should cover almost all recommended tracking forces required.

The Ortofon stylus force gauge is simple to use:

1. Very gently, rest the cartridge stylus into the grooved guide track at the desired tracking force marking.
2. If the see saw does not move then the tracking force is too light, if it the see saw goes fully down then it's too heavy. Lift the stylus off the gauge and change the tracking force in whichever direction is required and retest until you get it to float in the middle (where the section with 'Ortofon' written on it is flush with the edges of the smoked lower section).

- Range 1.25g to 4g
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