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Nottingham Analogue Horizon Turntable Package

Nottingham Analogue Horizon Turntable Package

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Reintroduced due to its popularity, the Horizon is a compact turntable and tonearm package offering excellent performance at a very reasonable price point. Hand built in Nottingham, It’s an incredibly elegant design. The normal Nottingham Analogue philosophy is pared back to produce a distilled design that keeps the essential elements but reduces material used and therefore keeps the cost down.

The tonearm included is the carbon fibre arm tube’d Interspace Arm, a damped unipivot tonearm design with a lot in common with their more hi-end tonearms. The chunky 50mm think chassis contains the bearing and motor, and this sits atop an attractively curved plinth. A relatively high mass 27mm thick alloy platter ensures it has the hallmarks of its more expensive brothers, but at a more accessible price point. 
The sound is natural, musical and devoid of obvious colouration. It might lack a touch of weight and scale compared to its bigger brothers, but the indescribable 'rightness' of these designs is obvious.

It includes a setup kit including spirit level, alignment protractor and oil, along with a blank LP to act as a dust cover over the platter when not in use. A mat is included but vta is easily adjusted and you can use it straight onto the platter which can produce even better results.

If you purchase a cartridge from us we will set it up for you (this service is only available for personal collection, as we would not want to trust a setup deck with a courier!). If you would prefer to do it yourself be assured that this is a pretty simple deck to work on.
For cartridges we have found this arm to be quite unfussy, and have had great results with the Audio Technica AT-VM95 family, Goldring 1000 series, the Audio Note IQ and various MC cartridges too (Hana, Ortofon etc).

-Speed change: Manual 33.3 & 45rpm (can be used with our Governor power supplies)
-Dust Cover: Blank 'LP' included to keep 
-Dimensions: W: 480mm, D: 360mm, H: 175mm (approx.)
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