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Nottingham Analogue Dais Turntable

Nottingham Analogue Dais Turntable

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*Please note these decks are built to order due to the large number of variations available. Build time is often in the 6 week region but does fluctuate depending upon demand.*

The Dais is a beautifully manufactured and rather substantial turntable, yet one that cleverly manages to hide its bulk, looking far less imposing than one would ever expect given its component parts. A variety of arm boards are available to suit almost all models of tonearms, and the deck can even support two tonearms if required.

This is a difficult turntable to describe simply because it doesn’t seem to add much character at all. Its an exceptionally stable, quiet design which allows the sound great scale and solidity without falling into the trap of ever sounding slow or congested. Like all of the Nottingham Analogue turntables we feel its sound is tonally neutral and it simply gets out of the way, allowing the cartridge and record to define the character of sound heard. This deck bears comparison to designs costing many times its purchase price and is very highly recommended.

This turntable can now be ordered either with the gunmetal silver platter (as pictured here) or with a black version. The base is now solid gloss black as standard, but many other RAL colours can be specified by special order.

You can see the turntable in component form in one of our pictures, the numbered parts are detailed below:

1). Dust cover ‘LP’

2). Spun iron platter with a mass of over 20kg, carefully manufactured to ensure their are no air pockets inside. Its also fitted with 4 damping rings to the perimeter which reduce resonance.

3). 25mm thick Graphite ‘mat’

4). Free standing motor housing

5). Plinth with cut out for motor

6). Turntable main structure including substantial oil pumping bearing, and in this instance fitted with AceSpace 12” tonearm. Ultimately It can be run with two tonearms if required, of either 9” or 12” length

7). Wave Mechanic power supply (also included, but not shown here, are a strobe disc and Zapper for fine speed adjustment), this is a special version designed specifically for this turntable.

As is normal with Nottingham Analogue turntables you push to start them, with the motor intentionally only just powerful enough to maintain the platters momentum which means vibration from the AC motors cogging is kept to a minimum (reduced even further here by the very high mass motor housing). Speed change is manual by moving the belt on the pulley. It comes with a separate power supply which does include a fine speed adjustment.

No lid is included, but a blank 'LP' is included to keep the platter dust free when not in use.  

Almost any arm can be accommodated, with armboards made to order (Rega, Linn, SME - you name it!), including arms up to 12" long. Even a second arm can be added at a later date, this goes in the rear left corner. The most popular arms on these decks are the hugely underrated models from Nottingham Analogue, so I've included the prices of these in the selectable menus to show their combined costs.

Like all Nottingham Analogue turntables this is a very low maintenance deck, there's no suspension to adjust or wear out, no belt to replace (it should last indefinitely) and apart from the very occasional oil top up or change, and naturally a cartridge/stylus change there's nothing else to worry about.

They come with decent instructions, so are relatively easy to assemble for anyone with some turntable experience, but naturally we are always happy to set them up for you (once built they will transport well in a car, but not via a courier), there is not a charge for this if we're supplying the tonearm too.

-Speed change: Manual 33.3 & 45rpm
-Dust Cover: Blank 'LP' included to keep dust off the platter.
-Dimensions: W: 480mm, D: 360mm,
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