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Nottingham Analogue Ace Space Tonearm

Nottingham Analogue Ace Space Tonearm

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*Nottingham Analogue products are made to order, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery*
Nottingham Analogue may be best known for their turntables, but their arms are very special too. The Ace Space tonearm is a beautifully hand crafted design. It features an ultra light weight double long grain pultruded carbon fibre arm tube and uses a stabilised unipivot bearing. This means this arm is as easy to handle as a fixed pivot tonearm, suffering none of the instability you otherwise tend to get when cueing. It produces a delightfully natural sound with exceptional speed and good dynamics.

We have used these arms on a variety of non Nottingham Analogue turntables, the collet holder (which allows easily adjustable VTA) requires a hole of 32mm diameter for the arm two fit through, and two securing bolts.

It is available in two different lengths, a 10” model and a 12” version. A 12” tonearm is always preferable where you have space for it as it lowers tracking distortion, offering a more consistent and effortless sound throughout an LP side. Due to the low mass and low resonance materials used for the arm tube there does not seem to be a penalty for the longer arm (other that it requiring rather more space!).

Mounting Type: Nottingham Analogue Collet

Mounting Distance (platter centre to arm hole centre)
10" 222 mm
12" 294mm

Arm Cable: Captive

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