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Nottingham Analogue Ace Anna Tonearm

Nottingham Analogue Ace Anna Tonearm

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*Nottingham Analogue products are made to order, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery*

The Ace Anna is the top Nottingham Analogue tonearm, and one that takes the already excellent results of the Ace Space tonearm to the next level in all areas of performance. Exactly how they achieve this impressive feet is not that obvious from the outside, but the beautifully made bearing housing hints at the superb engineering that has gone into this tonearm.

Like the Ace Space tonearm it features an ultra light weight double long grain pultruded carbon fibre arm tube and uses a stabilised unipivot bearing. This means this arm is as easy to handle as a fixed pivot tonearm, suffering none of the instability you otherwise tend to get when cueing.

It’s difficult to know where to start with this tonearm, I struggle to find any short comings with it and find it combines remarkable resolution, a wonderfully open and spacious top end along with prodigious bandwidth, musicality and neutrality. It’s a very difficult tonearm to surpass and works with a very wide variety of cartridges too.

We have used these arms on a variety of non Nottingham Analogue turntables, the collet holder (which allows easily adjustable VTA) requires a hole of 32mm diameter for the arm two fit through, and two securing bolts.

It is available in two different lengths, a 10” model and a 12” version. A 12” tonearm is always preferable where you have space for it as it lowers tracking distortion, offering a more consistent and effortless sound throughout an LP side. Due to the low mass and low resonance materials used for the arm tube there does not seem to be a penalty for the longer arm (other that it requiring rather more space!).

Mounting Type: Nottingham Analogue Collet

Mounting Distance (platter centre to arm hole centre)
10" 222 mm
12" 294mm

Arm cable: Captive

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