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Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck Turntable

Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck Turntable

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*Please note these decks are built to order due to the large number of variations available. Build time is often in the 6 week region but does fluctuate depending upon demand.*

The Ace Spacedeck is our 'go to' turntable here at Deco Audio. It offers outstanding performance, full stop, no caveats. The fact that it is incredibly cheap in material terms and a laughable bargain in performance terms tells you everything you need to know. It has embarrassed countless much more expensive turntables that have tried to get a foothold amongst our recommended decks, very few better it and almost none match its all round capabilities.
In short it's an evolution of the famous Spacedeck, one of the Nottingham Analogues most famous and best selling designs. What marks the 'Ace' version as being special it is uses materials and elements borrowed from the models further up the range, but with only a very small percentage price increase over the original Spacedeck. 
Visual differences are not obvious, but if you go to pick it up you will feel much greater mass. This is for two reasons, firstly the platter uses an alloy with a high lead and bronze content, this not only increases the flywheel effect but also changes the resonant characteristics. The motor housing and armboard use a heavy steel with a 10% lead content too.

The bronze bearing is equipped with their carbide 'thrust pump' arrangement as seen in their dearer models too, which reduces noise and improves detail retrieval and definition.

It's actually quite difficult to describe the sound of the Ace Spacedeck, it appears to have a very low sonic signature - it's perhaps best described as simply 'getting out of the way'. Tonally it sounds just right throughout the frequency range, it has an effortlessness normally only found on much dearer decks. Timing is superb too, it has the ability to start and stop so effectively there's no blurring between notes, a trait it reveals in stark contrast against most lesser (but more expensive) competitors! There's solidity, authority, scale, colour, pace and dynamics aplenty. 

For those unfamiliar with the Spacedeck turntable design, it features three basic elements, there's the gloss painted plinth upon which the motor assembly and the main turntable assembly sit upon.

As is normal with Nottingham Analogue turntables you push to start them, with the motor intentionally only just powerful enough to maintain the platters momentum which means vibration from the AC motors cogging is kept to a minimum (reduced even further here by the very high mass motor housing). Speed change is manual by moving the belt on the pulley, but external electronic power supplies are available as both an upgrade and to add electronic speed control (like our own Governor power supply).

Another optional upgrade includes the 'Heavy Kit', which is a very thick 'mat' made from Graphite as found on all the dearer turntables, the kit includes a riser to lift the armboard to the correct height. This results in even blacker backgrounds from which the music appears from.

No lid is included, but a blank 'LP' is included to keep the platter dust free when not in use. A foam mat is included but it can also be used with the LP straight onto the platter, and it's this or with a great mat like the Ringmat that I prefer to use.

Almost any arm can be accommodated, with armboards made to order, including arms up to 12" long. Even a second arm can be added at a later date, this goes in the rear left corner and the motor then moves to the front.

Rega arms are very popular on these for their high performance and low cost, and above that we're big fans of using the 10" and 12" Acespace tonearms as they are also hugely under rated, so we've included those in the options available to order, but if there's another arm you own or fancy just let us know!

Like all Nottingham Analogue turntables this is a very low maintenance deck, there's no suspension to adjust or wear out, no belt to replace (it should last indefinitely) and apart from the very occasional oil top up or change, and naturally a cartridge/stylus change there's nothing else to worry about.

They come with decent instructions, so are relatively easy to assemble for anyone with some turntable experience, but naturally we are always happy to set them up for you (once built they will transport well in a car, but not via a courier), there is not a charge for this if we're supplying the tonearm too.

The standard finish is black, but the gloss sections (the plinth and main chassis) can be ordered in any RAL colour for an additional cost - please ask for more details.

-Speed change: Manual 33.3 & 45rpm (can be used with our Governor power supplies)
-Dust Cover: Blank 'LP' included to keep dust off the platter. 
-Dimensions: W: 480mm, D: 360mm, H: 175mm (approx.)
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