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JA Michell TecnoArm 2 Tonearm

JA Michell TecnoArm 2 Tonearm

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The TecnoArm 2 is the latest evolution of the Michell tonearm. Cosmetically its Rega underpinnings are there to see, but look past that and it’s obvious that this is a very carefully considered design with many detail changes. Most obviously the 22 holes drilled into the underside of the arm tube reduces weight without compromising rigidity, the arm is foam damped internally and the underside of the headshell machined flat. The wiring used is a continuous pure silver loom, with silver plated cartridge tags and RCA plug terminations.

Polymer bearings are used for their low friction and a rigid Tecnoweight counterweight assembly is fitted. The counterweight is beautifully engineered and  is marked to every 0.1 gramme so tracking force can be setup without a stylus balance.

The arm base is the 3 point Rega mounting, so can be used on a wide variety of turntables and is pictured here with the optional VTA Adjuster fitted, which allows fine tuning of height by use of a threaded assembly (at the expense of adding a little height). Conventyional fixed spacers can also be used too.

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