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Michell Gyro SE Turntable

Michell Gyro SE Turntable

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*Please note these decks are built to order due to the large number of variations available. Build time is often in the 6 week region but does fluctuate depending upon demand.*

The Gyro SE ('Spider Edition') is derivative of the classic Gyrodec turntable, a cut down version which dispenses with the lid and large plinth which makes this deck smaller, less costly and arguably even better sounding as there's less mass and material to resonate.


The sound of the deck is very benign, in a good way of course, there's little obvious tonal character thanks to the clever construction of the turntable, where materials have been chosen very carefully not to dominate the sound. Like many a good sprung turntables there's an especially open and spacious sound, and a great sense of life and vibrancy which makes it very entertaining to listen to, and able to exploit whatever arm and cartridge you choose to have fitted.


It's a suspended design, the mass loaded cast aluminium chassis hangs from three rubber coated springs which are tied together on a small three pointed acrylic 'chassis'. The DC motor is in a free standing housing which helps reduce noise being coupled into the platter.


The platter itself is made from a material chosen for it close impedance match to the vinyl that records are made from, which helps improved coupling and damps and drains away unwanted vibration. The platter has now iconic rotating brass weights which provide a substantial flywheel effect.


The main bearing is a work of art. It's an inverted design with the ball bearing at the top, and the housing is rifled, which pulls oil up from the well at the base and then drains through a hole in the top of the spindle - an incredibly elegant design and one that appears to be supremely effective as wear even after many years of hard use seems negligible.  


The turntable is available without an arm, we can supply it with a variety of standard armboards, but if the one you want isn't listed please contact us as custom boards are available to special order for a premium.


There are also Michell packages of arm and cartridges as listed, but naturally we can combine many of the arms and cartridges we sell if you fancy something different.
The turntable can be upgraded with the Michell HR power supply, which produces a cleaner low impedance DC supply, reducing noise offering general worthwhile performance improvements to almost all areas of the sound.
The Orbe platter upgrade kit can also be fitted.


The turntable has a well written instruction manual making setup possible for the keen amateur, but naturally we are always happy to assemble and setup the deck either for collection by car (not courier!) or for us to install.


A lightweight aluminium hold down record clamp is included as standard. 


-Speed change: Manual 33.3 & 45rpm 
-Dust Cover: None, but optional Michell Unicover and Secure cover available. 
-Dimensions: W: 490mm, D: 375mm, H: 135mm (approx.)
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