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Living Voice Auditorium OBX-RW4 (Click & Collect Only)

Living Voice Auditorium OBX-RW4 (Click & Collect Only)

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OBX stands for Out Board X-over, which neatly summarises the difference between the IBX-RW4 and this top of the Auditorium range model.

Getting the crossover components away from the vibration and magnetic and electric fields found in a speaker cabinet, and putting them in a damped enclosure brings yet another level of improvement, another veil is removed as the crossover can better get on with its job with reduced interference from external sources.

Please don't forget to factor in the cables to run between the crossover and the speakers, we would recommend using the same speaker cable for this application that you have chosen to use from your amplifier.

As with all the models in this series the enclosure is a reasonably compact floorstander, with an elegant aesthetic that looks rather smaller than the bold and colourful sound it is able to recreate. 

The top of the line Auditoriums are a wonderfully musical speaker, they envelop the listener in music and have the ability to dig into the recording without over analysing any particular elements, producing a comfortable and balanced sound that is involving and foot tapping to listen to. The combination of a believable soundscape and musical resolution is really rather special and quite uncommon in most loudspeakers, regardless of price.

High sensitivity, wide dispersion MTM driver topology
Hardwood composite enclosure with Maple lining veneer
Stiff internal double bracing
Proprietary hand wound air core inductors
Mechanically isolated crossover
Optimised crossover layout
Star Earthing
Crystal oriented internal wiring harness.
Proprietary non-inductive wire wound resistors, proprietary LV film capacitors
Cryogenic treatment to: Gold WBT binding posts, Internal wiring harness, crossover components.
H/F: Proprietary tweeter made for Living Voice by Scanspeak. 29mm fabric dome with wave guide.
Bass/Mid: Proprietary Living Voice 17cm doped paper coned drivers – made by Scanspeak.

LOADING:    Reflex port to rear of cabinet.
POWER HANDLING:    100 Watts
CABINET DIMENSIONS:    W 215mm × D 270mm × H 1030mm
PLINTH:    W 215mm × D 270mm × H 140mm (Black textured finish).
GROSS WEIGHT:    22Kgs per cabinet.
CROSSOVER DIMENSIONS:    W 450mm × D 270mm × H 120mm
CROSSOVER WEIGHT:    5Kgs per cabinet.

Premium furniture grade, book-matched grain-filled natural veneers: Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Santos, Flat White, Matt Black. Burr Oak, Ebony, Gloss Ebony.

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