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Living Voice Auditorium R25A (Click & Collect Only)

Living Voice Auditorium R25A (Click & Collect Only)

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The Auditorium R25A is the latest 'gateway drug' into the world of Living Voice speakers. This speaker celebrates the 25th Anniversary since the original version of the model was first launched, and features many refinements over its forefathers. 

As with all the models in this series the enclosure is a reasonably compact floorstander, with an elegant aesthetic that looks rather smaller than the bold and colourful sound it is able to recreate. 

Used clear of room boundaries, and with a substantial amount of toe in, the Avatar has an expansive sound, one that flows and fills the room, whilst being both effortless and fast. This is no highly strung, tense performer, it's much more at ease with the music, almost working with it rather than fighting against it, communicating the musicians intentions clearly. Their naturalness and simply purity of tone mark them apart from most designs. They're efficient too at 94dB, which explains the great dynamic contrasts that they are able to portray.   

In most rooms we use them with heavy toe on, crossing well in front of the listener (which allows the mirrored offset tweeters to time align with the centre of the mid bass drivers). Some distance from the rear wall is recommended, but naturally this varies from room to room.

High sensitivity, wide dispersion MTM driver topology 750-density hardwood composite enclosure.
Proprietary hand-wound air-core inductors, mechanically isolated crossover.
Optimised crossover layout.
Proprietary non-inductive wire-wound resistors.
Proprietary Living Voice metallised polypropylene capacitors.
Treble: Scanspeak 26mm dome tweeter 8ohm. Double ferrite magnet. Fabric dome diaphragm.
Bass / Mid: Scanspeak 17cm doped paper-coned bass/mid drivers made specifically for Living Voice.


LOADING:    Reflex port to rear of cabinet.
POWER HANDLING:    100 Watts
CABINET DIMENSIONS:    W 215mm × D 270mm × H 1030mm
PLINTH:    W 215mm × D 270mm × H 140mm (Black textured finish).
GROSS WEIGHT:    19Kgs per cabinet.

Woods and finish: Premium furniture grade book-matched natural veneers in Cherry. Walnut. Maple. Rosenut. Black Ash, Flat White.

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