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JA Michell Tecnoweight Counterweight Upgrade (Fits Many Rega Tonearms)

JA Michell Tecnoweight Counterweight Upgrade (Fits Many Rega Tonearms)

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This listing is for a Michell Tecnoweight, which is a great upgrade for many Rega tonearms (please see below for suitable models) as it provides easy adjustment of tracking force without requiring scales as well as bringing a performance improvement. 

This underslung counterweight helps reduce the height of the mass (bringing it in line with the phono cartridge) and can also help to bring it closer to the bearings. There is no rubber or plastic used in the construction, the result is a very rigid rigid assembly, improving resolution and detail retrieval. It is made from Aluminium and Stainless Steel in the UK.

The kit includes two different mass weights (the smaller one for cartridges weighing 3 to 6grams, and the larger one for 6 to 13 grams) as well as an allen key and replacement arm stub. 

Rega arm compatibility:

This is not suitable for the old silver S shaped Rega toneam (RB200), it is also not suitable for the RB100 and RB110 (as found on the Planar 1 and RP1).

It is suitable for all of the models with a removable counterweight stub, so this includes the RB250, RB300, RB251, RB202, RB220, RB303, RB330, RB800, RB808, RB880. 

Please note that Rega arms with a plastic counterweight stub (RB250, RB251, RB202, RB220) may require the thread cleaning before the new stub is fitted.

The arms with a factory fitted metal stub can be quite tricky to loosen, we recommend removing the arm from the turntable to avoid putting any stress on the bearings.

Instructions are included with the Tecnoweight.

We are authorised JA Michell Engineering Ltd dealers  and are supplied directly from our stock.

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