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JA Michell Silver Plated Cartridge Tags

JA Michell Silver Plated Cartridge Tags

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The Michell cartridge tags are some of the very nicest we've found. They are a sprung design which means they maintain a good contact on almost all cartridge pins so you never have to squash the tags to get a snug fit as required with most other designs. I fit these to a lot of the tonearms we use at the shop as they're so reliable, easy to use and are high quality silver plated for the best sound quality. Please note they do require soldering onto the arm cable, but thanks to their solid design (which prevents solder over flowing onto the contacts) that's easier than with many other alternatives. A set of 4 coloured pieces of heat shrink are provided for a very professional finish.

We are authorised JA Michell Engineering Ltd dealers and this item is supplied from our stock.

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