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JA Michell Orbe Platter Kit Upgrade

JA Michell Orbe Platter Kit Upgrade

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Intended for use on the Gyrodec and the Gyro SE, the Orbe platter upgrade kit gives a large slice of improvements from their flagship deck at a very reasonable cost. The key is of course the heavier 60mm vinyl/acrylic platter which has greater mechanical integrity and an improved flywheel effect. The supplied screw down clamp is an important part of this kit (which must be used with every LP due to the concave nature of the assembly), and included is a new threaded spindle for the upper part of the bearing for it to screw onto.

Also included is enough Densoseal (a very sticky black coloured product similar to blu-tack, but much stronger) to fill the cavities on the underside of the chassis, damping resonances. Lastly a fresh drive belt is included.

The improvements to sound include blacker backgrounds which result in improved low level resolution, more extended and solid low frequencies as well as a general improvement in refinement and composure throughout the frequency range, which also brings with it better imaging too.

This kit is quite simple to fit with good instructions provided, but you do need to be confident working around the bearing of the turntable, and I do recommend removing the arm board when applying the chassis dampening. Naturally we can fit this kit for you for a small labour charge, please contact us for details.


Technical Specifications:

- 60mm thick extra heavy impedance-matched platter
- Screw-down record clamp, compatible with standard and 180g audiophile pressings
- Replacement threaded record spindle
- Denso damp, sub chassis dampening material
- Replacement belt
- Convex platter retaining nut and ring, to help flatten uneven vinyl

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