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Deco Audio TRANSFER Ultimate DAC

Deco Audio TRANSFER Ultimate DAC

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The TRANSFER Ultimate DAC takes the basic architecture of our TRANSFER DACs to an entirely new level. 

No stone has been left unturned in maximising performance, so whilst the digital stage retains its classic TDA1543 non over/up sampling filter free heart, everything around is has been uprated.

To start with, the HT power supply is an outwardly simple but sophisticated valve rectified design. An EZ80 rectifier (visible through the top mounted chimney) runs with a large LCLC multi stage filter, that means it has a choke (aka inductor) input followed by a capacitor, another choke and then a final reservoir capacitor. A choke input supply is rightly praised for its superior regulation over the more common capacitor input supply and it achieves this without having to resort to using an active feedback based stage (which we find tends to impart too much of its own character on the sound). The capacitors used in the HT supply are intended solely for audio applications.

The signal path quality uses some of the finest passive components available, with tantalum resistors and copper in oil film capacitors. The wiring in both digital and analogue stages is our own pure silver design and the RCA sockets are silver plated. Even the solder used to put it together with has a high silver content, chosen for its fine sound quality.

The sonic result is one that builds upon the speed and dynamics of all our DACs and adds another level of refinement, tonality and simple musical ease which cannot be achieved without this sort of attention to detail.

Like all of our source products, it features our switchable impedance triode valve output stage, meaning it can drive both low and high impedance and amplifiers without compromising performance.

Multiple inputs means it has the flexibility to be used with a variety of sources, including S/PDIF Coaxial and Optical and USB. All inputs, including the USB, are galvanically isolated via a digital input transformer.

All Deco Audio Products are made with a long intended life expectancy, with over rated components and the key parts are produced within the UK (casework, transformers etc), and are hand built in our facility in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. 

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