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Deco Audio TRANSFER Standard DAC

Deco Audio TRANSFER Standard DAC

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In today's world of increasingly high sampling rates, bit rates and buzz words like upsampling it is very unfashionable to launch a DAC that goes in the opposite direction.

However following extensive auditioning and experimentation over many years we have found that, within reason, how you process the digital audio signal is far more important to sound quality than what you process in terms of numbers on a data sheet.

For us nothing gets close to the sound of a multi bit DAC chip when used correctly, so the heart of our DAC is the classic TDA1543 chip, a simple R2R (ladder resistor) DAC which allows us to run it without oversampling and upsampling. We carefully selected by listening and then bulk purchased this chip as they are not all created equal, enabling us to guarantee consistent supply for many years.

The unfiltered output is then fed through our switchable impedance valve output stage using ECC82 and ECC83 dual triodes, meaning it can drive both low and high impedance amplifiers without compromising performance.

Multiple inputs means it has the flexibility to be used with a variety of sources, including four S/PDIF Coaxial, one S/PDIF Optical (Toslink) and one USB (USB-B). All inputs, including the USB, are galvanically isolated via a digital input transformer.

The output design is novel and via a switch on the rear panel there is the option to use either an Anode Follower or Cathode follower output stage. This means that the DAC can be used with any amplifier, for ones with an input impedance over approximately 47k Ohms then the Anode follower is recommend. For lower impedances we recommend the Cathode follower setting. This feature means that the TRANSFER solves the potential mismatch problem that can often be faced when using valve output sources into certain transistor amplifiers.

For more information on our switchable output stage design please see this page

All parts used in its construction were selected to offer a blend of high performance and reasonable cost, with natural sounding carbon film resistors and film capacitors used throughout the signal path.

All Deco Audio Products are made with a long intended life expectancy, with over rated components and the key parts are produced or sourced within the UK wherever possible, and are hand built in our facility in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. 

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