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Deco Audio Products CHAIN Ultimate Loudspeaker Cable

Deco Audio Products CHAIN Ultimate Loudspeaker Cable

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The CHAIN Ultimate is our top of the range loudspeaker cable. 

This cable uses multiples of fine annealed unplated pure silver strands for the conductors on both the signal and return. The strands have only a small contact with the insulator meaning they are largely in an air dielectric, making them of a litz construction. During development we found that the field surrounding the conductors was clearly audible, this has led to an unusual construction technique, with some dummy strands left floating and another tied to the source end of the cable only.

These cables are extraordinarily time consuming to produce, but the results are very worthwhile.  Sadly the construction technique currently limits us to shorter cable lengths, with 5m being the current maximum we can produce.

The 4mm banana plugs we use are silver plated and are silver soldered for long life. We find high quality banana plugs to be superior to spade connectors so don't currently offer them as a stock termination, but they can be made to order. Ditto biwire cable are not available off the shelf but can be made to order if required. Lastly if you require a non stock length please send us a message with your requirements and we will see what we can do.

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